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"Asbestos Hazard Information Zone" is a website established by Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior. It provides asbestos information for the public. The division of duties are as follows:

  1. Environmental Protection Administration is responsible for asbestos raw materials management and waste treatment, Ministry of Economic Affairs is responsible for the asbestos commodities of national standards, management of regulatory product inspection, and the results of sampling inspection of building boards.
  2. Ministry of Labor is responsible for occupational exposure assessment, including labor health examination, workplace environmental monitoring, hazard prevention, and the system of compensation for occupational diseases.
  3. Ministry of Health and Welfare provides consultations with health hazard and medical information about asbestos-related diseases.
  4. Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the regulations of demolition of asbestos-containing buildings and the management of demolition agencies.
  5. The Taiwan Water Corporation, affiliated with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is responsible for the relative regulations to ensure the prohibition of asbestos used in water pipes.


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